Scope of Work

Digital Identity

Mashhad, a city in Iran, with its Persian architectural language, art, colors, ornaments and cultures, was the inspiration for the two Omani ladies who are certified and qualified in the field of architectural engineering with a great experience and talent in interior and furniture design.

The decision was soon made to launch their own business naming it after this marvelous city which also means (scene) in Arabic language. At that point, Mint partnered with them to create a brave brand identity that suits their personalities and business.

Mint created a geometric typographic logo symbol embedding letter M in a brave yellow color; a color of happiness and energy. The choice was made after a thorough study of the business concept which revolves around minimalist architecture concept, contemporary interior and custom-made furniture design. The logotype consists of the business name created using architectural lines forming a sketch of the word (Mashhad).

The simpler the better

Simplicity and contemporary are the perfect match

The brand identity helped Mashhad to distinguish itself among others and showcase their true soul from the first interaction. The choice of logo symbol, logotype and theme was to convey creativity, modernity and originality through the vibrant color palette of yellow, grey and denim blue. Mint created a theme using the same simple lines of the symbolic logo, away from any complication, to show the elegance and sophistication reflected from the company’s vision.