A speaking brand

Noon is an entertainment space for practicing and learning different skills and crafts. It is established by two creativists, Warda who is a craft artist and Sundos who is a pro chef.

Their talents came together to create a center that gathers and develops all types of artistic hobbies and crafts under one roof. Mint was handled the responsibility of creating a proper visual identity that shows the true essence of the center.

Scope of Work

Visual Identity
Digital Branding

Keeping in mind the targeted audience, Mint followed an integrated strategy to transform Noon’s vision and offerings into a well executed appealing visual identity.

A symbolic typo was created, surrounded by 3D circles, to give a sense of depth and centralization to its image. The circles come in colorful themes which delivers the vibes of art and creativity.

Noon is a place for creative people to express their talents. Mint made sure to mirror the level of talents through the visual elements such as collaterals, wallpapers, stickers and all other aspects that involve audience interaction to ensure getting the best branded memorable experience.

A brand that flushes with life

Themed social media accounts

Through the crowded social media world, Noon stands out proudly with its vibrant theme which is shaped in the form of templates molded to fit the types of services offered.

Keeping up with the trend, hashtags were created to direct the audience towards a specific field of interest, and under each category, eye-catching icons were designed and used for a better visual presentation. The true success was noted throughout the implementation process when the number of followers kept increasing reaching to more than 2500 in less than 6 months.