Creative Direction

We do not create logos, we turn ideas and concepts into a comprehensive, dynamic visual identity that speaks to the eye of the receiver in more than words.

Brand Guidelines

A comprehensive 101 manual that explains the identity and all its elements. A thorough explanation of colors and its indications, theme explanations and guidelines on how and when to apply the elements to ensure consistency and sustainability of the brand and identity.

Visual Identity

A minty fresh approach in creating a visual identity from scratch. Starting with a creative research, getting updates on the latest trends, all the way to choosing the colors and forming a complete identity that speaks the right language and delivers the desired message.

Digital Branding

Mint knows technology is the future, hence it extends an expert advice to its clients helping them with a smooth transformation of the different collaterals into a digital, more advanced versions, be it email signatures, web templates, social media templates, digital brochures, or e-newsletters. Mint helps with selecting the appropriate collaterals, designing the needed templates, and creating bi-lingual content.


At Mint we take packaging seriously, as it is considered a powerful marketing tool. Taking into consideration your budget, we design the most creative solution at the most affordable option.


Branding Consultancy

A one-to-one session for a full guidance on all your marketing and branding needs. Packages of one or more sessions to answer any marketing related inquiries to give your business the boost it needs.

Branding Strategy

An integrated marketing plan that is considered a lifetime investment and works as your business’s unique marketing encyclopedia.