Scope of Work

Event Branding
Digital Branding

National Business Center (NBC) has a vision of enhancing Oman’s position as a leading regional centre of manufacturing, ICT, innovation and entrepreneurship excellence. With government’s continuous encouragement and focus on SMEs development, It was NBC’s next step to lead and organise the first incubation conference in Oman in order to attract a wide variety of incubators, entrepreneurs, SMEs and experts in one place.

Working closely with business experts, Mint set off to create a modern identity that suits and attracts the major market influencers from government, private and academic sectors. Our approach was to create simple iconic visuals that inline with a corporate theme style presenting a vibrant, energetic brand identity. The logo design revolved around connected colorful rings, which interpret diversity, unity and networking. And the choice of a colorful theme matched with the variety of conference programme themes.

An identity that rises above familiarities

Detailed execution to meet high expectations

Our work allowed to deliver a proper professionalism level to the audience during all the event phases. The brand popped-up uniquely among digital platforms and helped create a good impression of event’s true value. To meet audience expectations, we gathered our efforts to create a welcoming sense during the event through an eye-catching setup of banners, stands, roll-ups, signage boards, cards, gift items, etc. Taking care of all the details and interaction points, we executed an elegant giveaway binder using the finest printing and material quality, which will remain as a long lasting souvenir connecting the attendees with all key speakers.

NBC together with Mint succeeded to execute a fully branded event that was able to capture the attention of Omani press and media before, during and after the event, which created a common point of interest for more than 150 entrepreneurs, 40 government policy makers, 30 academics, 30 international delegates, many big sponsors and hundreds of attendees under the patronage of H.E. Yahya bin Said Al Jabri, Chairman of Duqm Special Economic Zone Authority. Incubation Conference 2017 was a story that will perpetually echo along the path of future innovation success.

A story with an endless echo