Scope of Work

Branding Consultancy
Visual Identity

A government Omani company established in partnership with the Industrial Innovation Center that specializes in the manufacture and development of ideas and artificial intelligence systems. A company that transforms an idea into a prototype using state-of-the-art technologies to help entrepreneurs get a look and feel of their desired product and have a better understanding of the product’s success opportunity in the market.

Mint is a player. We look beyond the outer shell and play different roles to visualize different perspectives. Because all ideas start with a scribbled paper, the logo was inspired by those simple post it sketches every great idea starts with, folded into a telescope that oversees the future to reflect Innovex’s mission and its responsibility towards entrepreneurs and dreamers.

A branding that is as wide as an entrepreneur’s dream

Your visual identity highlights your values

The color mirrors innovation, energy and imagination and the theme concentrate on icons that contemplates turning ideas into products. Through our work, we also highlight the importance of such companies, and we share their values in helping other businesses create and shape a better future for all.