Thousand Nights is more than a camp, it is a thousand stories. A camp located in a secluded area in a charming desert, a magical spot that promises a magical experience. What started as a dream of a nomad traveler influenced by a culturally rich childhood amid shimmering sand, soon transformed into a five stars resort offering luxury, adventure, authenticity and serenity.

Scope of Work

Visual Identity

Translating values to visuals

And because at Mint we love stories, we worked on delivering the magic through a visual story. An identity that translates sophistication, authenticity, luxury, and uniqueness of experience. A complete transformation of the branding was creatively designed bringing together the different elements the place offers, manifesting in the creation of the logo, and the contrast of the beauty element, the place promises, explicit in the color contrast between the serenity of turquoise and the sand gold, offering the viewer a glimpse of the five stars luxury experience awaits them in this magical place.

Through the design of the logo, the choice of colors as well as the theme, we aimed at delivering the feeling one gets when staying at the camp through a complete visual identity. It is an identity that makes you live the experience.

Living the experience through themes and colors