Al Saleh enterprise started in Souq Muttrah by Al Haj – Mustafa Mukhtar, a young Omani entrepreneur who had the courage and vision to start a business with limited resources. What started as a small shop in Souq Muttrah succeeded over the years and became one of the leading enterprises in Oman.

Today, Al Saleh has a highly experienced team, a wide network of dealers locally and regionally, a number of showrooms across Oman, and a record of outstanding projects for individuals, businesses, and the government.

Scope of Work

Visual Identity
Branding Consultancy
Brand Launch Plan

Identity that represents values with a fresh flavor

At Mint we understood that Al Saleh is not only a leading company in lighting and electronic appliances, but also a story of generations and a legacy that goes back to 1974. We realized the emotional significance of an almost 50 years old brand, and hence it was essential that the essence of the logo symbolized in the lighting that was personally drawn by Al Haj is sustained, while modernizing the visual identity to cope with today’s needs and latest trends. Through the rebranding, we aimed at adding a fresh flavor to the identity, representing the strengths of its resources, highlighting the essence of the business and communicating better with its clients.

The enhancement of the logo, the design of the theme and the choice of colors were carefully chosen to reflect Al Saleh’s core services and were implemented in a flexible way, giving the client a room for future innovations and expansion.

We wouldn’t have exceeded the expectations if we hadn’t done our creative research from interviewing Al Saleh business family, visiting the showrooms, understanding different operations, how lighting works and its effect on mood and productivity, how homes can turn into smart ones, giving us more time to enjoy the real moments with our loved ones, and reading the auto-biography of Al Haj Mustafa to grasp all aspects of the business and better serve our client to help them serve theirs.

Great results start with research