Scope of Work

Visual Identity

Urbano is an Italian bistro that serves a mixture of Italian and international dishes in a small interactive dining space. It smartly consists of foldable chairs and tables to utilize the space and give people something to talk about. Facing more and more competition with the ongoing growth of SMEs, the need for brand distinction has become the top priority to survive. Mint engaged its efforts to help establish a strong brand for Urbano that would stand out in the crowd.

Mint approach was to build a logo design and a brand voice that is as unique as Urbano’s service. For the logo, the choice was fixed on a custom lettering style, a typo that is easily read and memorised. For the theme and colors, the brand falls somewhere between industrial and vintage style that can clearly be seen in the restaurant interiors and packaging which are smart, efficient and delicious.

Keep it simple, smart and delicious

It is always fun to impress your audience

It is always crucial to catch audience’s attention, this can only be made through unconventional methods. After sessions of brainstorming, Mint decided to approach the audience and grasp their attention right before the official opening by creating an engaging “coming-soon” signage board that involved thinking and resolving. This teasing technique was surely effective when measured on the scale of social media accounts as more than 2800 followers were gained within a four months time only.