Established in 2012, Oman Animal and Plant Genetic Resources Center (Mawarid) seeks to preserves genetic resources spans the animal, marine, plant and microorganisms worlds. It seeks to promote recognition, sustainable exploitation, and valuation of the genetic diversity in Oman through conversation, research and innovation.

Sustainability in colours

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While creating the theme, the creative team at Mint was looking into incorporating the center’s values and services, and Oman’s bio diversity with the latest branding trends to produce a theme that is professional, strong, flexible but also approachable, simple and direct. We aimed at leveling up the mindset of the society towards science and scientists and by creating a theme that would represent Mawarid as an approachable destination to scientist and general public.

We researched a wide range of species images from the center’s archive and used different resources and external journals for inspiration, created mood boards and conducted a number of brainstorming sessions that all resulted in the current theme where the shape of the wheat symbolizes the center’s services and how the center’s activities help enrich our lives. The vibrant colors of the brand were smartly inspired by the colors one can see in Oman’s nature and rich marine treasures, applied beautifully to branding elements and representing the four environment kingdoms: animal, plants, marine and microorganism.

The lines inspired by the logo and the plant stalk were positioned thoughtfully to create a neat identity while maintaining the seriousness of the brand. The shapes and lines were designed in a minimalist way to give strength to the communicated content.

Leveling up the mindset of society towards science

After conducting an extensive research on Mawarid and its target audience, we understood the vast communication needs and initiatives carried out by the center, and because authenticity is a prominent trait of Mint, we customized hand drawn icons that can flexibly be used in e-commerce, as well as on different means of communication.

When Mawarid launched their new identity, they had tens of combinations of icons, colors, and templates that were easily used in different contexts and for different initiatives. There is nothing arbitrary with Mint’s designs, every color, every shape, and the positioning of it all delivers a message.

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